Fast Facts about Labor Day

Fast Facts about Labor Day

Labor day is coming up and that’s why we are giving you some knowledge to share while you are out celebrating it with friends and family. Here are some fast interesting facts about Labor Day.


1. It is also called as the “Unofficial end of summer”. Sad, right? But it’s unofficial, so you still have some days to enjoy and cherish summer.

2. Wondering why the founders picked the first week of September to honor Labor day? It is because they believed it would be good to have another holiday between 4th of July and Thanksgiving. And also workers did the historic march on September 5, 1882, which is the main reason, probably.

3. Labor day is also the end of the hotdog season. From Memorial day to Labor Day, 818 hotdogs are eaten every second. Damn!

4. Some workers don’t use Labor Day to relax and enjoy time with family, as they go out in the street and do some rallying for their own good.

5. If it wasn’t because of the 10,000 workers, you’d be working 12 hours a day right now. Also, you should be thanking Oregon because it is the first state to make Labor Day a public holiday that leads other states to trail with it.


Enjoy, Relax, and have fun this Labor Day. Remember that summer is about to end and this is the best time to cherish this kind of season. Happy Labor Day! Have fun responsibly!