There are dads that you can really call the best. Some, you can call them just good dads. People have different experiences with their dads. Different point of views of what a dad should be like. In this blog, you might actually find what kind of dad you have and why they are the best no matter what the situation is. Let’s start.


The first one is the “Workaholic” dad. You barely see this guy, or at least you can see him but it’s hard to talk to him as he is always in front his computer or with all the papers around his desk. They are hardworking as it is given to being a workaholic.


Here’s why you should appreciate what he’s doing. He is being hardworking not because he wants to earn for just him, but for his family. He wants you to have the best education available. He wants you to be secured in the future. He may not be there for you guys to bond but he will be there when you needed him the most. He wants nothing but assurance that his children will be in good terms in the future. Best advice is if he can’t go to you, then go to him. Approach with a hot delicious coffee, a wide smile, handing him the nicest gift for his day. Tell him how much you appreciate him and how much you love him because the only perfect time to say all of that is “now”.


The next type is the “Hard ass” kind of dad. The scary ones. One mistake and you just have to hide from this man. This man knows how to make you remember the mistakes you’re not going to want to do again. But there are two main reasons why they do that to you. First is they want you to be ready with all the cruelness in this world. Life is a hard ass itself. World is full of challenges. This man just wants you to man up and face all of your mistakes, take all the responsibility from what you did, and be ready from what’s about to hit you. He keeps an eye on you. He is not angry; he is just scared that you might do some horrible things to other people and he is not there to help you straight things up. He is readying you up while he still can. It’s not a good way of showing his love but it is the best way of letting you know that he is always going to be there watching your back, and that is the second one.


Another type is the “Joker” type. Everyone loves this guy. He just knows how to make people gag. He could come up with a great joke in a blink of an eye. He may be a little embarrassing a times, as he does some weird funny things in public, but that’s just one of his stunts from being a “joker” dad. There is little to no reason to hate this guy. Appreciate him why he’s still with you. Do all the crazy stuff with him while he still can. Remember, if the guy can make you pee on your pants laughing, he can also make you cry your heart out at the end.


The fourth is the “Teacher” type.The serious type. This guy is always there to share his knowledge to you. In terms of all the tools and even with all the school stuff, he will be there to help you. This guy’s main goal is to get you mentally ready in the future. Education is the best thing you’re going to receive from your parents. Never let them down. Get back by finishing strong.


And then there’s the “Drinker” dad. There is a fun drinker dad and a fucked up drinker dad. The fun drinker dad just wants to party. He wants to have fun with friends and family members. The best thing about having a fun drinker dad is you could be his drinking buddy at times when you are already in the right age to drink. The other drinker type is a little bit hard to handle but the truth is, he just needs comfort from his family. Maybe, he screwed up with something, but at least he is always trying. He just wants to do something that he loves and at the same time to cover all of the expenses that your family has. Pat his back. Hug him. Tell him a funny story. Or reminisce with him, all of the good memories you two have. Show him your good grades at school. He raised you and did what he had to do. He may be a screw up but at least you know he is trying. He did all the things just to see you smile when you were a kid and now is the time for you to make it up to him. One advantage of having a drinker dad is it’s easy to choose which gift you’re going to give him. Liquor and a funny drinking shirt! 


The last one is the “Best” Dad. Basically all the Dads out there! The one who did and will do all the sacrifices he has to do just for you and his whole family. There is no perfect dad. You might hate him because he works a lot or he punishes you a lot, but what he does is only for you and your future. Even the joker one has its imperfections. Teachers also commit mistakes. All the different types I’ve mentioned, they have their own pros and cons. It’s not easy raising a child, give him the break he deserves. This 17th of June, go to him and say how much you appreciate everything he has done for you. Tell him that he is the best dad. That you will never ever replace him even if you got the chance to.


Big shout-out to the “Mom” dads! Those single parents who raised their child on their own. You are the strongest women in the world! We thank you for giving your children the strength, unconditional love, and full support!




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