International Beer Day

International Beer Day

The Magic of Beer

Beer has been around for a long long time already. It has been part of all the craziness in the world. Good crazy and bad crazy. The reason minors are not allowed to drink it until the right age. To be honest, especially for the first timers, it tastes like shit. Really. That the first thing that would come into your mind is “why do people like it so much”.

For some reason, beer gives people the confidence they never had. In fact, beer will give you the confidence of the strongest man alive. You’d have the strength to punch someone right in the face, and sometimes for no reason at all. It could also help you ask a girl out or say how you feel about things. It just gives you the “Don’t think, just do, do, do” Phrase.

Beer is also the reason you are bestfriends with your bestfriend/s. Beer is in the middle of all of your talks. It is so much better to chitchat with your friends whilst drinking beer. Unstoppable laughter. Didn’t think through words. But not just that because beer is also the reason why people cry after their heartbreaks. They say that beer can make you all forget everything and enjoy life but it can also make you think about all of the past at the same time. Beer is confusing. You don’t know what’s going to happen when you are drinking beer. A little too much, you are going to be out there puking in the streets. A little too short, you feel like drinking more.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of Beer this International Beer Day on the 3rd of August. Beer was always there and is always going to be there for you. From your lows to the greatest achievement of your life. Beer helps you create the craziest and most memorable memories in your life, but sometimes it won’t let you remember anything about last night. Let’s all say “cheers” to beer this time. Cheers to the greatest invention in history!

Now... BEER ME!