Native Americans' Day

Native Americans' Day

A glimpse from the past: Native American People 

A long time ago before Christopher Columbus, the one who “discovered” America, stumbled upon America, there were actually people already living in North America and they are called the Native Americans, also known as American Indians. They had been living there for many years already and by the time America was discovered, there were over 10 million of them already living on the continent. It was said that they had been living in America far longer than most of us could imagine. 

Things got a little shaky for them when the Europeans arrived in America. Native Americans at that time do actually admire Europeans with their fair skins. But Europeans weren’t very good with handling the Natives as they were greedy and cruel to them that made the Native Americans to despise them and even hate them for bringing those kinds of attitudes to their land. Not just that, as the Europeans brought along many diseases that made the Native Americans very weak as they had never faced those kind of diseases before. It was the cause of death of many Native Americans at that time as they had no resistance. 

As time goes by after the Europeans set foot in America, Native Americans’ situation was getting worse and worse. They were forced to move further to west with promises that were never kept. There were also conflicts that ended up having the Indian Wars. A lot of Native American lives were taken during different wars and there were also massacres that frightened them away. 

It was a tragedy for them. Histories are being taught as it is important for the present people to know what mistakes are there to avoid. We cannot bring back the past and fix it, but the future mainly depends on what we do next.


If hate is poison, then love is the cure.